Information On Legal Nurse Consulting Careers

A legal nurse consultant will use their expertise as a medical professional and their specialized training in legal consulting to help bridge the gap between the law and medical communities in order to consult with attorneys or to perform work on other projects. A legal nurse consultant may also need to testify or speak about standards of care with respect to nursing and medical related issues.

How Much Does An LNC Earn?

Earnings will vary, but it is possible to earn in excess of $100 per hour!

Online LNC Certificate Programs:

There are different LNC certificate program options to consider, inlcuding online programs. What path you choose make sure to learn about all of them to help you make an informed decision that is best for you. Everyone is different so a legal nurse consulting certificate may be best for one person and an alternative path to become a legal nurse may be better for others. Doing your homework by requesting information from all paths to becoming a legal nurse is the recommended way to determine the best method for you.

To become a legal nurse consultant you will need to be an RN (Registered Nurse) and have a clinical experience background. Usually a registered nurse legal consultant will have previously worked in one or more medical areas in their careers as an RN for a number of years. For example a registered nurse who has previously been working in an emergency room, in an intensive care unit, in an obstetrics department, etc... may later in their career decide to get specialized training as a legal nurse consultant in order to change careers. It is not uncommon for a registered nurse legal consultant to earn significantly more money assisting attorneys, reviewing medical charts or serving as an expert witness then they were practicing as an RN.

Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant

There are a several ways for a registered nurse to become an LNC or legal nurse consultant. One is by taking an online legal nursing program in order to earn a Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate.

Another way is getting on the job training with an attorney’s office. As with most career decisions, it is wise to get information from several places offering training before you make a final decision.

Background of an LNC

As nursing professional can have a wide range of background experience, attorneys or other employers who hire nurses as legal consultants may have different experience requirements. For example, some RNs who go on to be an LNC may also have other certificates under their belt which could also prove to be very helpful in their consulting career.

For instance some LNCs have advanced degrees such as a Masters Degree in Health Care Administration. In addition to having advanced degrees some LNC RN professionals may also have other advanced certificates. Some examples include the Forensic Nursing Certificate, a Life Care Planning Certificate, Geriatric Care Management Certificate, or the Case Management Certificate. Additional skills of an LNC include how to review and interpret documents such as medical records and the policies and procedures of a hospital. Of course the more knowledge a nurse has through medical experience and advanced degrees and completion of certificate programs the more they would likely be able to earn or charge per hour on consulting projects. Also some LNCs may hold a BS in nursing degree while others may have an Associate's degree. For RNs those who go on to become a legal nurse consultant many may have also completed an rn to bsn program or may be planning to take that route. There really is no right or wrong way to become an LNC, but many career paths to go from an RN to a legal nurse.


Earning a certificate to be an LNC is different than earning your LNCC certification. If you want to earn a LNC (Legal Nurse Consultant) certificate you should learn more about online colleges offering such programs.

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In summary, current registered nurses who no longer want to practice as an RN or have an interest in the courtroom may be able to use their healthcare expertise as an LNC. After the RNs have taken all the proper steps to become trained as a legal nurse they may find employment in several different areas. Not all legal nurses work inside a courtroom, many find jobs in the corporate world or do contract work for private attorneys. Although a registered nurse legal consultant can provide many different services, they do not give legal advice unless they are directed by an attorney or unless it is allowed by law.

Goals To Consider
Goal #1 - Complete an online LNC certificate program
Goal #2 - Find employment as a Legal Nurse Consultant or start your own consulting practice
Goal #3 - Get certified after meeting the minimum requirements - That is go on to earn your LNCC certification

Taking the time to learn about your certification and legal nurse career options will help you find the best legal nurse consultant courses available for you and your career needs. One you have completed your training or degree program it may be possible to be a legal nurse consultant work from home professional.